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Louvois agonise, enfin.

Le ministre de la défense était hier à Varces, auprès du 93ème régiment d’artillerie de montagne, où il a fait le point sur le dossier Louvois. Depuis 2013, c’est bien la DGA qui a...

The Okinawa Reality

By Ricky Hough December 05, 2014 Geopolitical realities suggest that the recent election of an anti-base candidate is unlikely to change much. Yet another high profile gubernatorial election has come and gone in Okinawa,...

Does the JF-17 Finally Have Buyers?

By Robert Farley December 05, 2014 The Sino-Pakistani jet could finally have found prospective buyers. The JF-17, a joint Sino-Pakistani fighter project, is a single engine fighter developed, conceptually, as a modern MiG-21. Given...

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